Welcome to Do.List v3.5 

A new look, a new notification type, and new customizations are the highlights of this update!


Other to-do apps either go too complicated or too minimalist. Many apps add tiny buttons everywhere. What each button does, who knows? Other apps go ultra-minimalist and, with everything hidden, you can't figure out how to do anything!

Do.List has always been what I've come to call functional-minimalist. The clean look elevates the tasks, keeping your focus on your list. At the same time, functionality is never more than a tap away and actions are designed to be intuitive enough for even the least technologically inclined. 

As screens gets larger, some of Do.List's heavy design styles made the app feel out-dated. So, in Do.List 3.5, the biggest difference is the new look. Here's the old vs the new, side by side:


With the more subdued header and larger text for tasks, this design should reinforce the core philosophy behind Do.List: Focus on your list and tasks and you'll get more done. 

A New Daily Notification

I cannot overemphasize the importance of looking at your list everyday. A list, like any other space, requires lots of house-keeping. Tasks need to be modified, moved, deleted, and completed. You need to constantly reprioritize as time passes. 


To help Do.List users open their app everyday and keep their list up-to-date, I've added a new notification type. You can find it at the very top of Settings, under notifications look for "Daily Use-App".

Word Capitalization Toggle

For those who have been really agitated by the word-capitalization for task names, you can now turn it off! I still prefer the prominence that capitalization gives a task, emphasizing the importance of each to do. However, if you disagree, you can now turn it off!

Find it under Settings > More Settings > Capitalize Task Names

Keep in Touch!

Want another customization toggle added, tell me what for! Dislike the new design, send some constructive feedback! Dave@yourdolist.com 

Welcome to Do.List v3.4 

After tons of user feedback and hard work, a big update is rolling out! Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions and even complaints! I hope you enjoy this version much more than the last. 

Twice As Reliable 

Do.List has been incredibly reliable, but it just got better. In addition to a saving your lists on the phone, you can tap a backup button to save a copy to your iCloud account. Accidentally delete the app? Just download it again and hit restore. No subscription, no extra cost. 

DoList Backup Update

Save Images!

Every task can now have an image attached to it! You can grab a photo from your library or snap a new picture using your camera. Tap a task and you'll see the image icon in the top left corner.

Do List Save Images

Daily Gets Better

The new Daily List is a big step forward. The new design allows you to quickly read both the times done and when it was last done. Most importantly, you can now send a copy of the task to the Today list. 

The Daily list is an important part of Do.List and it will continue to be a point of focus that I work to improve. I appreciate everyone's feedback on it so far! 

Daily Over Time.png

A Better Editor

Since Do.List launched, the editor has been key. It's always been straight forward and easy to use. The goal has been to keep it simple and the new version does exactly that. The design is cleaner and less cluttered, yet it adds a new ability, attaching images!

Editor Over Time.png

Now On Apple Watch

The first Apple Watch app is admittedly simple, but it's also quite handy. It lets you view your Today and Tomorrow list right on your wrist. You can even complete tasks from the watch and it will update on the phone immediately.

If you have an Apple Watch, please try the Do.List app out and let me know what features should be next: dave@yourdolist.com

Do List watch app

Grocery List Sections

You can keep it simple and have one big grocery list, but now you don't HAVE to. Add a store and section to tasks and you'll be able to tap the sort button to sort by store or section!

Do.List - Grocery List sections!

Drag and Drop

Below you may notice a new Later List design, it's a bit cleaner. The big new feature, though, is the drag and drop. The big cells were too hard to drag up and down long lists. Now holding cell condenses them all, then you grab a smaller cell to rearrange it.

New Drag3.png

Create Custom Lists

Before you could create your own list, but it was only a "regular list". Now you can create checklists, favoriting lists, and more!

To make it even easier, just choose the existing list you want yours to act like and it will use the same exact style.

DoList Create Your Own List

Rearrange Life Lists

I'll admit it, the old way of rearranging Life Lists was tedious. However, to make up for it, the new way is as simple as it gets. Hold a task now and the app asks if you want to rename the list or rearrange it. Choose rearrange, then hold and drag, let go, and then to save click "Done Editing" when you're happy with the order.

b2235f688a6a5c0d83e187db8f53925346e392df copy.png

Move to Life Lists

Ever have a task in "Today" that you'd like to move to a Life List? Maybe moving a book from Today to "Books to Reads" or an item from Tomorrow to "Shopping List"? Now you can move them in just a few taps.


That's version 3.4!

Those are the major updates that you'll get with the v3.4 update. Hopefully you find some of them helpful in tackling your tasks. 

As always, I'm happy to hear from you if you have suggestions, questions, or complaints. I usually respond in one to three days. 


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