The Short Version

DG Apps, Inc is not in the business of collecting sensitive information or selling data. Basic usage information is collected, however this information is not the type that is used for identifying people.

To be as straight forward as possible, here’s an example of data I might collect:

300 people added tasks on December 1st

Note that I cannot see which people contributed to those 300 tasks. Data like that simply tells me whether the app is being used or not.

So where does the data come from? If you already opted into sharing data with Apple, then Apple shares anonymous data with me. It includes zero personal data and only overviews things like user count and number of sessions.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to integrate a third party analytics platform, likely Facebook or Google. However, my interest will always be in anonymous data that protects the user’s privacy. In fact, the only time I even know a user’s email address is if they contact me directly or sign up for something like the "Feature Updates" distribution list. 

I'm not a data collector, just a guy trying to build great apps!



The Long Version

By using any DG Apps, Inc. services:

1.  You agree that you are aged 13 or older. If you are under 18, you must review this privacy policy with a parent or guardian.  

2.  You consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. This includes the collection, processing, and sharing of personal information for the purposes set forth herein. If you do not agree to any Life List terms, please delete the app and cease the use of all DG Apps, Inc services.

3.  You acknowledge that mobile devices, the internet, and data storage devices are not 100% secure. Therefore, the security of aggregated data collected by any app from DG Apps, Inc. cannot be completely guaranteed.

4.  You acknowledge that DG Apps, Inc. does not developer password protected applications. Therefore, the data input into the application will not be protected by password protection security.

5.  You consent to providing additional information in the event that you choose to buy any DG Apps, Inc products. Such information may be collected during the transaction, for the purposes of carrying out the transaction. 

6.  You consent to the collection of data about your device. DG Apps, Inc apps may collect information on the model, version, timezone, etc of your phone. This is used to help measure performance as it relates to devices.

7.  You consent to DG Apps, Inc keeping a record of communication sent to DG Apps. Should you choose to send feedback of any data, that correspondence will be kept on record.

8.  You consent to DG Apps, Inc’s use of data collected through services on your phone, for marketing purposes and for supporting research on the continued improvement of the Life List app and services.

9.  Any data collected may be included in any future sale, merger, or other change in control of the application.


If you are not satisfied with the DG Apps, Inc privacy policy, you should not use the any of the company’s apps or services.