Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I schedule tasks?

You can! Just go to Life Lists, then use the "Due Dates" list. The list sorts by due date, for easy viewing.

Why can't I schedule all my tasks?

Scheduling is limited to the "Due Dates" list because prioritization is the foundation of Do.List! My view is that scheduling is for meetings and appointments. It's for calendar apps. 

Do.List is a new type of app. It's founding concept is that prioritization is the best way to manage our personal lives.  

The people who love Do.List have usually tried traditional to-do apps and like Do.List's prioritization more.


Is Do.List on Android?

Not yet. However, someday yes. Want to speed it up? Let me know you want it:


Why Can't I Sort Lists?

You can. Lists are auto sorted newest to oldest but you can also re-order by dragging and dropping.

Some lists have special sorting. For example, the "Books to Read" lets you favorite books. Favorited books are automatically moved to the top of the list.


Does Do.List Support Multiple Devices?

Not yet. That's for two reasons:

1. Currently Do.List is designed and developed by a one man team (yours truly). Supporting the Mac and iPad interfaces, then implementing syncing via the cloud is currently too big a task but I may add support for both if growth continues.

2. Reliability. Even the largest software companies have syncing bugs. However, Do.List has yet to lose or delete anyone's list. I take pride in that track record. I'll only add syncing when I can do it very, very well.


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