Life Hacks - 11 Life Hacks

Life Hacks - 11 Life Hacks

If you're looking for sites for discovering great little productivity tips, this is your site. With articles like "55 Productivity Hacks", you're bound to find some tips you love. I'm a big fan of doing more by focusing on less, so these are a few of my favorite take-aways:

Say no.
Ditch YouTube and cat videos.

Yes, I know, breaking away from binge watching Netflix and YouTube is hard. But, that's why it will set you apart! Doing more than other people requires difficult changes.

Perfectionism at work can be dangerous. It keeps you too long at one task. Instead of trying to do one task to perfection, do more. is full of great tips and hacks, plus I love the navigation: Happiness, Success, Money, How To, Lifehacks, Relationships, and Health.

Try it out! I doubt you're regret a single second you spend on this site. - Double your productivity with... - Double your productivity with...

The content is stellar and very likely to be worth your time. Articles like "15 Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity" include some of my favorite techniques:

  • Write down three important tasks every morning
  • Learn to say "no"
  • Use the important/urgent task matrix

So why this site? Because it focuses almost entirely on habits. Most productivity sites might have a few articles on habits but that's not enough. Habits are the backbone of a productive life.

There are so many bits of gold in this website, here are just a few:

  • Set wild goals, but create realistic habits.
  • Curb overspending.
  • But the super successful have another habit up their sleeve. And this one's a game changer, a productivity doubler: They learned the habit of saying no...without saying 'no'.

If you spend the time to explore this site, you won't regret it. - Top Productivity Articles - Top Productivity Articles

While the primary service you'll find here is career advice and career coaches, the articles they write may be exactly what you're looking for. 

This site will help push you to step up your game. My favorite might be "Why Waking Up at 5 AM Every Day Just Makes Sense". Here are the highlights from that one:

You Feel Like You’re Winning, Just by Waking Up
You’re Building Discipline for Everything Else

They also have articles on cool ideas like the "1-3-5 Rule" (hint: You only allow yourself one big to-do everyday). Part of why makes the list, despite not being a productivity site, is because their content is just phenomenal. Here are a few excerpts from an article titled "How Successful People Do More in 24 Hours Than the Rest of Us Do in a Week":

Fully Commit...Whatever you’re doing right now? Be fully in it. Commit.
Super-achievers know that interruptions are productivity-killers, so they avoid them at all costs.
Try to weed your professional life of people, colleagues, and even friends who don’t energize you.

If you're looking for real, no fluff, hard, cold truths about productivity, is a must-read site.

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